Is Regenerative Method Cost Effective than Traditional Treatment Method?

If you are having a dilemma with your knee pain or hair loss or any sort of orthopaedic or dermatological problems and could not decide where to go to get the best treatment, as well as struggling with the fear of surgery then Regenerative Medicare is for you. It not only saves you from ever long recovery time after surgery but also saves you a fortune


Regenerative Method VS Traditional Method

Have you heard about Regenerative Method? It’s just a breakthrough to the advanced Medical Science which might be even more fruitful than the traditional treatment practices.

The regenerative method does not use any sort of oral medicines or surgery. It is a process of isolating the plasma from blood and enriching more protein in it which will help to heal your pain dramatically. It is proved very effective as it does not cost any pain and heals better than traditional methods.


By the traditional method, we understand the general healing methods which are being practised at present all around the world. Oral medication, surgery, physiotherapy etc. are some of the traditional healing methods.




Cost Effective?

The cost of traditional treatments is way more expensive than the regenerative method. And it takes a lot of time to heal.  On the opposite, PRP or Regenerative method does cost as much as it heals. Moreover, the cost of Regenerative Method varies from place to place depending on your body and also on how the injections are used.  Starting from 11k/20k could be a minimum amount to pay in BD for PRP treatment. It ranges more if your problem is severe on each course of the process. Cosmetology and dermatology treatments are always heavy with cost in our country, like cheek and lip augmentation, skin brightening etc. wherein Regenerative method is cost effective comparing to its value.

The pain heals faster than the contemporary method of medical treatment. Only a pinch of injection will take you to your most wanted health.


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Common Purposes for PRP treatment

The Problems that can lead you to take PRP treatment could be,

  • Hair Loss
  • Tendon Injuries – joints of shoulder, elbow, knee. ankle
  • Acute Injuries – Muscle Injuries
  • Postsurgical Repair
  • Osteoarthritis – Lower back, Knees, Hips, Neck
  • Acne Problem
  • Skin Brightening
  • Fat Filler
  • Cheek and lip augmentation



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If you have one of these pain problems and tired of seeing doctors and having expensive medicines; then your affected area needs some sober treatment.

Surecell Medical Bangladesh offers you the most cost-effective Regenerative or PRP treatments for your any chronical issues. Our best and qualified doctors are providing advanced medications.

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