Frozen Shoulder? Don’t let it grow older

Frozen shoulder, also known as Adhesive Capsulitis is a very common orthopedic case. Our expert doctor, specialized in orthopedic & sport injury, Dr. A.K.M. Mohiuddin has provided some valuable and important points regarding frozen shoulder and its remedy.

Going through this article may help you in getting some tips on how to handle this problem if you are already having it or vulnerable to it.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a shoulder condition that is identified by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. By the time passes, this pain hurts more and gets worse gradually. If its not being treated timely this pain may last one year to even three years long or sometimes more.


The main symptoms of a frozen shoulder is feeling hardness and pain in the shoulder which makes it difficult to move the shoulder. You might feel pain in your muscles of the shoulder which wrap around the top of your arm. The pain goes worse at night and makes it difficult to sleep.




One may face three phases in a frozen shoulder pain.


  • It develops pain which may go severe while moving the shoulder.
  • The shoulder movements become limited due to excessive pain
  • It can last 6 to 9 months, depending on the pain
  • The pain increases more at night


  • The shoulder becomes more stiffer
  • Moving the shoulder becomes more difficult
  • Movements get more limited followed by facing difficulties in performing daily activity
  • This stage may last 4 months to one year


  • At this stage the pain may start to diminish. Normally, a frozen shoulder condition improves after suffering for 1 to 3 years. However, the condition may go worse and take more time to cure if is left untreated


The causes behind experiencing frozen shoulder and who are at a risk of suffering from this disease is quoted below

  • When someone is recovering from a stroke or surgery
  • If anyone is diagnosed with diabetes, he/she may catch up this disease
  • Heart diseases, thyroid diseases, are linked with frozen shoulder
  • However, if any one is directed to immobilize their shoulder movement for a longer period for arm fracture or whatever the reason is, he/she might get affected by frozen shoulder. Immobility may be result from many factors;
    • Rotator cuff injury
    • Broken arm
    • Stroke

Who are vulnerable

People from 40 to 60 years are more vulnerable to this disease. Women are at more risk of catching this pain than men. Furthermore, athletes can get affected of this disease any time.

Besides these, any kind of immobility and reduced mobility may result in developing frozen shoulder problem.

Suggestions and Preventions

One of the main reasons of a frozen shoulder is immobility which may occur from a surgery. If this is the case then ask your doctor to suggest some exercises to maintain minimum shoulder mobility. However, if you feel you are suffering from a frozen shoulder problem you should follow the below points.

  • For minor pain, you may have some medicines to consume which reduces pain and that must be is prescribed by a doctor
  • Try heat or cold, whichever works best on you. Use a heating pad on the shoulder and keep it for 15 minutes or more if is needed. Else, apply an ice pack on the shoulder and similarly keep it for 15 minutes or more (depending on the pain)
  • Use a sling as to support your shoulder




Along with above suggestions, try some stretching and strengthening exercises regular to stay pain free.

Exercises to follow:

Pendulum Stretch

Stand and lean over slightly allowing the affected arm to hang down. Now swing the arm in a circular motion.

Towel Stretch:

Take a towel behind your back and hold it horizontally. Now use your good arm to pull the affected arm upward and stretch it.

Cross Body Reach:

Taking a position by sitting or standing, use the good arm to lift the affected arm at the elbow. Bring it up and across the body by exerting gentle pressure of stretching the shoulder. Now, hold the stretch frim 15 to 20 second. Do this exercise 10 to 20 times per day.




Above are some suggestions for fighting against frozen shoulder pain but if the situation becomes worse, then our expert Doctor, Dr. A.K.M. Mohiuddin suggests to go for REGENERATIVE TREATMENT (PRP, Stem Cell). He has performed many successful treatments of bone and joint conditions under the Regenerative Method, its one of the most effective way to reduce frozen shoulder pain. In this treatment, a PRP injection is injected to the shoulder which carries the patient’s own blood. It takes few days to weeks to recover depending on the nature of pain.




To know more about the REGENERATIVE METHOD, please go through our website or visit Surecell Medical Bangladesh.

This article is written by Dr. A.K.M. Mohiuddin

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