Celebrate winter with a moisturized skin

After concluding the hot tiring summer officially, now we can smell the comfy winter. Winter is not just a season, it’s an occasion to celebrate. However, with all these celebrations, one should not forget the skin. it’s a weather demand in winter that you take extra care of your wintery dry skin which lose its charm in the winter if its not taken care of.

Our Dermatology & Cosmetology specialist Dr. Tauhida Rahman Ereen has suggested all to pay special attention to their skins in this winter to lock its gem throughout the season.

Why Necessary?

Winter throws a new challenge to the skin by its nature. As this time,

  • The temperature and humidity get down, the skin becomes drier and rougher
  • In winter, the air is frigid and dry outside, moreover, any kind of indoor heat also makes the skin dry

All these above factors are responsible for which the skin’s protective barrier cracks and makes the skin unable to repair itself. Hence, its very important to arrange some extra care for the skin to keep it protected.





Pamper your dry-flaky skin:

Cold weather and low humidity level make the air dry. Dry air is guilty of stealing the moistures away from your skin. As a result, your skin cracks and sometimes even bleed. The harsh winter air worsens the situation more by the time passes.

You should control and tackle any factor that is contributing to your dry skin but first of all its important to identify those factors.

There are some points below which may help you fight against your dry skin,

  • Use thick, heavier, creamy moisturizer every day, especially on the areas which are prone to dryness
  • Take a short bath only once in 24 hours with lukewarm water and mild cleansers such as oatmeal, shea butter and sea salt and within 3 minutes of taking bath, apply moisturizer
  • Apply moisturizers every single time you wash off your face

Be watchful to your sensitive skin:

You need to be extra sensible and cautious to deal with sensitive skin. To treat your sensitive skin, buy gentle and mild products to keep it moisturized.

You can keep below tips with you when you are thinking of taking care of the sensitive skin,

  • Choose a skin care product and read the label of it. Ingredients that are helpful for sensitive are minimal in number and maximum in tolerance. Honey, shea butter, cucumber seed oil, lecithin (extracted from sunflower seeds) etc.
  • Try to use natural cleanser and moisturizer.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water
  • Exfoliate your skin




No special treat for oily skin?

Many people think, an oily skin doesn’t need much care and attention in winter. But its totally wrong. Even if you have an oily skin, you need special care. You can follow below tips to take good care of your skin,

  • Maintain a healthy skin texture by cleaning and exfoliating your skin regularly. It will help the skin to get rid of extra dirt and oil. Excess oil in the face leads to pimples and blackheads
  • Avoid products that clogs pores
  • Take a water-based sunscreen
  • Make sure you moisturize your skin with a water-based moisturizer everytime you wash your face.

Incase you have a combination skin….

Combination skin is the most difficult type of skin to take care of. It has some worst attributes from the oily and dry skin to one skin type. It’s like wet-dry, wet-dry situation always which takes away the regular moisture of the skin.

For this type of skin,

  • Use a cleanser and moisturizer made for sensitive skin. it must remove the dirt and extra oil of the face
  • Apply moisturizer after every wash. If the skin is more dry to oily get a creamy, oily moisturizer and if its more oily then take a oil-based moisturizer.
  • To prevent dryness, take wipe off, soap free cleansers
  • Use alcohol free hand sanitizers as its less drying than soap and water
  • Apply a skin replenishing toner, but no need to rinse.





Suggestions and caution against a dry skin

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Take vitamins and natural oils such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, evening primrose oil, omega 3 fish oils as it helps the body retain its moisture.
  • Use lukewarm water to bath and wash your face
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly
  • Always use a moisturizer and cleanser according to your skin type
  • Have a lot of winter fruits and fresh vegetables to get a healthy skin naturally

Apply any honey-based face pack, face musk to reduce dryness and get a moisturized skin, as honey is one of the best moisturizers.




After suggesting all these valuable quotations our expert doctor, Dr. Tauhida Rahman Ereen suggests to go for a REGENERATIVE TREATMENT (PRP, Stem cell therapy) in case anyone is suffering badly from a cracking dry skin which even bleeds often. If the dry skin is not being moisturized timely and left uncared it may become a serious issue.

This article is written by Dr. Tauhida Rahman Ereen

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