5 Tips to Prevent Your Aggravating Muscle Cramp!

It’s just not about the winter or our nippy toes or frozen fingers that are continuously complaining about the cold weather. Almost all of us have experienced the exaggerated contraction of muscles specially in our leg. It will knock you off your typical exercises or sleep routine.


Get the idea of Muscle pain if you haven’t yet

Muscle cramp or Charly horse (alternative name of muscle cramp) is the sudden contraction of muscles in the calf that lasts from minimum a few seconds to maximum few minutes. Initially you can cure the muscle pain by stretching the muscle gently.


What’s causing you the muscle cramp?

Let’s get to the pre-dominant causes that trigger the muscle cramp.

  • Poor blood circulation in your legs
  • Working calf muscles too hard while exercises
  • Being active in hot temperature
  • Not stretching enough for long
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Magnesium or potassium deficiency

Right kind of knowledge and habit can give you relief!!



Stretch Your Muscle

Stop those activities that are inducing cramp in your leg, and lightly stretch the muscle by holding the stretch. Apply heating pad around the area after stretching. If your feel the cramp at midnight, stand up and slowly push weight on the affected area to release the muscle contraction. Also, learn and do some exercises like push ups, crunch, leg raise, butterfly kicks etc.




Get Hydrated

Another way to prevent the muscle cramp is to get hydrated.  To prevent dehydration, start by drinking fluids according to your thirst. Weigh yourself before and after exercise. Drink 2 liters of water to get the right kind of hydration. Mineral water and sports drink could be consumed to make the balance.






If you have leg cramp regularly, don’t be afraid. You just need to consume more magnesium to your diet. As for example banana, green leaf vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafoods, nuts and seeds could make up the balance as they are the great source of magnesium.





Get Moving!

Walking around can help to ease the cramp very well. Standing for long time or staying for long in a position could cause the spasm in muscles. So, if you’re having Muscle Cramp around your leg, please get into the habit of walking for some time in a day. For an example, if you’re working in the office get used to the practice of walk and talk as it’s really important for your healthy muscle.


Don’t be afraid of carbohydrate

If you consume carbohydrate during any exercise it will last longer than 60 to 90 minutes. So be sure consume carbohydrate rich meal or snack prior to any intense exercise. Because carbohydrate is well known for the prevention of muscle cramp. Bread, beans, cookies, milk, popcorn, potatoes, spaghetti, soft drinks etc. could be taken as your carbohydrate items.





Home remedy is always better, as prevention is better than cure. But then again, if the cramp, or the pain due to cramp is too severe, it might not be just an innocent case of muscle cramp. There might be any orthopedic condition developing, in which case it’s better to consult with an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. Surecell Medical Bangladesh provides advanced orthopedic treatment using modern treatment method which are 100% safe. Our doctors are one of the best in practicing Regenerative Method which is the most advanced healing method at present.


If you are suffering from pain for a long time, do not hesitate to pay a visit at Surecell Medical Bangladesh. Because “Self-Healing” is always the “Best Healing”.

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